Survival Guide to Moving During the Holiday

Monday December 31, 2018

If one thing’s for sure, it’s this: nothing is more stressful than moving. Except, maybe, for moving during the holidays. From holiday shopping to figuring out which box the ornaments were in, it’s not easy to balance end-of-year holiday obligations with relocating. If your moving date falls during the most wonderful time of year, these tips will help you make it through.

Choose Your Moving Date Carefully

5 snowmen outside

The moving date is an important consideration around the holidays. Moving company rates typically go up during holiday weekends, as holiday moves require movers to spend time away from their families. Families moving long-distance should consider holiday traffic along their route to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams with Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year travelers.

Book Early

The holiday season is a busy one for residential movers, as the holiday break provides the opportune time for families to move with minimal disruption to kids’ school schedules. Book your move as soon as you know the moving date to avoid being out of luck at the last minute.

Start Saving Early

Moving isn’t cheap, and neither are the holidays. Combine the two costs, and you’ll see why it’s so important to start saving early. The costs of boxes, travel expenses, and furniture for the new home, as well as toys and games for the kids’ gifts, could put you over your budget without careful planning. Setting money aside as soon as possible can help you out of that jam come November or December. Starting the holiday shopping early also helps you budget your cash—and it keeps you out of the mall madness all season!

Hire an Expert Mover

To make moving during the holidays even easier, consider hiring a professional mover. Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. provides moving services for local, long distance, and interstate moves. We also provide specialized moving services and storage solutions to accommodate your unique needs. Our professionally-trained laborers will make sure everything arrives at your new home safely and securely to make your holiday move as smooth as possible. Call Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. today at (504) 254-2950 for a free quote.