Safe & Vault Moving in New Orleans, LA

Lee Moving specializes in moving and installing heavy gun safes, jewelry safes, and ATM’s. We can anchor your safe down for added protection and even install it upstairs utilizing our patented stair crawler which is capable of transporting loads up to 1800 lbs. both up and down stairs. We service many safe and lock companies as well as large banks. Relocating these heavy objects is a liability to the owner, but with the knowledge and proper equipment, we’ve turned this into a niche that we handle with ease!

Safes and vaults are extremely heavy and should only be moved by professional movers. If you choose to move a safe or a vault, you may be risking severe injuries and a lifetime of back issues. Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. has years of experience moving heavy objects, including safes and vaults.

No matter if you need your safe or vault moved up a set of stairs or across the county, the team at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. has you covered. Moving heavy safes and vaults can be complicated and very dangerous. When you decide to move these items by yourself, you not only put yourself at risk but your property too. According to ACM locksmith, a safe can cost upwards of $3,000. Protect yourself and your investment by hiring the expert movers at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. to more your safe or vault.

Since 1953 Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. has been assisting Metro New Orleans residents with home, office, and specialized moves.

Safe & Vault Moving Services

Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. can transport your safe or vault safely and securely. Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. has interstate moving authority, which can make moving your safe or vault much easier if needed. Our team of experienced drivers is long-haul certified, meaning you never have to worry about your property getting to its destination safely.

Specialized Safe Moving Equipment

Stairs are not a problem for our team. Stair-climbing dollies can be used to move your safe or vault from one floor to the next with ease. We also own stair crawlers, rigging, and other tools needed to move your valuables. Our stair crawler can move items up to 1,800 pounds easily. Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. can also use air-ride trucks that come equipped with carpeted walls, pads, and lift gates that can hoist up to 4,000 pounds in the air.


Unless attached to the ground, safes and vaults of all sizes can be moved with the proper equipment. This obviously excludes safes and vaults that are built into a home or business.

Depending on the size and fragility of your antique safe, Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. has many tools that can be used to transport your antique safe securely. Our team understands that some antiques hold sentimental value, and we keep that in mind while handling all of your property.

Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. can use our years of experience to move your safe, vault, or gun safe to wherever you need. As a family-owned business, we understand the value and memories your property holds. That is why we are always sure to take the best care of all the items we store and move. Contact us today to get a free moving quote in Metro New Orleans.

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