Rigging in New Orleans, LA

Lee Moving prides itself on also being a full service rigging company. We utilize a broad array of equipment from cranes to our own patented moving equipment. Included in that equipment is a stair crawler capable of transporting loads up to 1800 lbs. both up and down stairs. Due to building constraints, sometimes the only way to complete a delivery is hoisting through a window. Whether it be a 4k lb conference table into high rise buildings or a piano hoisted over a balcony, no job is too large or small.

A rigger is a tradesperson who specializes in using manual mechanical advantage devices such as pulleys, block and tackles, cranes, and chain hoists. These highly skilled professionals use multiple types of hardware to ensure all your property stays safe during your move. Common types of rigging hardware include:

  • Eyebolts
  • Rigging hooks
  • Block & pulleys
  • Stainless steel nuts
  • Wire ropes & accessories

While there is no formal license needed for riggers who work on smaller, less complicated moving projects, riggers who operate heavy machinery like forklifts and cranes often need certifications or licensing from the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators. Like in any other line of work, some people have the skills to be riggers, and others, not so much. When hiring a rigger, some valuable attributes you should be sure they have are:

  • Safety-conscious
  • Able-bodied and healthy
  • Observant
  • Team player
  • Decisive

Depending on your project, riggers may need to use different types of moving machines. Machine rigging can be complicated and should only be attempted by people who have experience with relocations services.

Heavy machinery moving equipment

Some of the heavy machinery moving equipment riggers use include:

  • Cranes
  • Heavy-duty rigging hooks
  • Wire ropes
  • Nylon slings
  • Shackles
  • Spreader bars
  • Modular life towers

Not all equipment moving companies are created equal. When deciding on which company you should trust with your valued possessions, there are a few things you should ensure that they have the capability to do.

Standard processes your moving company should follow include:

  • Inspects gear before moving equipment
  • Understands structural integrity of each load
  • Maintains load control

When moving your home, office, or heavy equipment, you should hire experienced professionals that are dedicated to making sure your property stays in pristine condition. The specialty movers at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. have the equipment and training to take care of all your needs. Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. proudly serves Metro New Orleans residents with specialty transport services. With our lift gates, we can hoist up objects that weigh up to 4,000 pounds. Our equipment capabilities combined with our experience make us a trusted local mover.


While we believe moving heavy objects should be left to the professionals, some tricks we use to move heavy objects with simple tools include:

  • Taking apart what you can
  • Break larger things into smaller pieces
  • Using ramps
  • Carrying mirrors and glass with suction cups

The Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. team believes in working smarter, not harder. We use rigging tools whenever it makes the job safer and easier. Common examples of when Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. uses rigs include:

  • Moving heavy machinery
  • Moving mirrors
  • Moving items up stairs or a steep slope

Both machine movers and riggers are skilled craftsmen who lift and move heavy objects efficiently and safely. These professionals differ because machine movers specialize in using equipment that may require additional assembly, leveling, and aligning.

If you’re looking for heavy equipment movers and riggers that can assist you in moving your home or office, contact the Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. team. Get your free moving quote today for your next New Orleans move.

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