Laboratory & Medical Moves in New Orleans, Louisiana

Lee Moving specializes in moving high end, delicate electronics. Whether it be an entire out of state lab or distribution and inside delivery of equipment, we have you covered. Our fleet of air ride trucks have carpeted walls, e-rails, and patented moving equipment which we design and fabricate in house and is leased to moving companies across the US.

When relocating your laboratory or medical office, we understand the complexities that go into handling and transporting high-end equipment. Our professional movers at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. provide quality-care services to manage each step of a business relocation, ensuring that your commercial move operates smoothly.

Choosing a moving service that best suits your business’s needs begins with determining the costs associated with relocation. At Lee Moving & Storage, Inc., we offer free moving quotes to prepare you with an accurate estimate before your professional move goes underway. Once you receive your quote and opt to involve our expert movers in your lab or medical office relocation, you can expect an initial assessment of your facilities in person.

During the visual assessment, your specialized movers may gather a list of all of the lab equipment to be moved and begin to develop plans for an efficient relocation. During this time, any special requests on moving the equipment should be shared, and requirements for handling hazardous materials in accordance with state, local, and federal laws should be considered. If you have any questions regarding the process of your relocation, it’s also important to consult with your professional movers during this assessment phase.

When preparing for your laboratory move, you’ll want to make sure all stages of the relocation process are accounted for. A checklist of preparation activities to complete during the pre-move of your medical office or laboratory includes:

  • Determining a plan for where each piece of equipment is going
  • Packaging small items, such as content from shelves, drawers, or cabinets
  • Labeling each piece of equipment to specify its new location
  • Cleaning and sterilizing all lab equipment
  • Identifying and labeling hazardous materials
  • Determining any special equipment that needed to transport high-end lab materials, such as refrigerated trucks, trucks with electrical outlets, thermal polar packs, or lifts for bio-safety cabinets

Our moving services at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. provide you with the utmost care when handling your business’s medical and lab equipment. From moving care assist beds and x-ray systems to oxygen concentrators and more, our team of expert medical equipment movers has all of the relocation materials necessary to guarantee safe transport of your items.

Moving your medical & lab equipment

From small to large medical and lab devices, our movers offer efficient relocation services that ensure the proper delivery of every type of equipment. A few devices that the professionals at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. are happy to transport include:

  • Incubators
  • Safety cabinets
  • MRI machines
  • Hospital beds
  • Bio-safety cabinets


Chemical and clean room relocations are performed by your moving specialists with the help of a licensed subcontractor. This ensures the safe and legal transportation of chemicals and other hazardous materials meets the requirements of state, local, and federal laws.

Though not required, possessing an IOMI or lab certification can lead to more effective and aware measures towards proper medical and laboratory office moves. General moving skills and proper lab handling techniques can be acquired from both certifications, which ultimately contribute to more secure and trusted moves.

To preserve the condition of sensitive lab equipment and supplies, professional movers should always take the necessary precautions of custom packaging each fragile asset. At Lee Moving & Storage, Inc., our experienced lab equipment movers always take the extra step to ensure the safe transportation of all of your delicate devices.

Yes, even the most recent works-in-progress in your laboratory can be preserved and relocated. With careful packaging and transportation, our specialized moving equipment and methods can handle your work without losing any progress.

The movers at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to relocate chemical hazards and toxic substances with diligent care. Our movers will work with you to ensure that hazardous chemicals are stored properly and segregated when incompatible with other materials.

Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. has been helping Metro New Orleans residents move since 1953. Our experience allows us to handle laboratory and medical moves with care. Contact us today to learn more about our moving process.

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