Specialized Moving

Corporate and Commercial Moving

Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. is New Orleans’ most trusted name in corporate and commercial office moving. Whether it’s across the country, across town, or just across the street, we have the experience and resources to ensure a smooth transition. In our 61 years of business, we have handled all types of moves, including whole offices and entire public libraries. As part of the Atlas Moving network, we have all the resources of a global relocation specialist, along with a strong relationship with regional office furniture suppliers. Learn More


Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. specializes in moving high-end, delicate electronics. Whether you’re moving an entire out-of-state lab or handling the distribution and inside delivery of equipment, we have you covered. Our fleet of air ride trucks has carpeted walls, e-rails, and patented moving equipment that we design and fabricate in-house and lease to moving companies across the US. Learn More

High-Value Electronics

We understand that transporting delicate electronics requires additional planning, tools, and resources. We have a fleet of air ride trucks outfitted with large 4 thousand pound capacity lift gates, carpeted walls, e-track, and customized moving equipment which we design and fabricate in-house. Learn More


Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. also prides itself on being a full-service rigging company. We utilize a broad array of equipment, from cranes to our own patented moving equipment. Due to building constraints, sometimes, the only way to complete a delivery is hoisting through a window. Whether the project is a 4 thousand pound conference table into a high-rise building or a piano hoisted over a balcony, no job is too large or too small. Learn More


Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. specializes in moving and installing heavy gun safes, jewelry safes, and ATMs. We can anchor your safe down for added protection and even install it upstairs utilizing our patented stair crawler, which is capable of transporting loads up to 1800 pounds both up and downstairs. We service many safe and lock companies as well as large banks. Relocating these heavy objects is a liability to the owner, but with our expertise and proper equipment, it is precisely the kind of specialized move that we handle with ease! Learn More

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