Distribution Services in New Orleans, LA

With over 50k square feet of secured warehousing, Lee Moving prides itself in offering a wide array of customized warehousing solutions from receiving, assembly, inventory management, and white glove delivery.

Distribution is a critical aspect of effective business operations. Earning a profit for your products requires getting them into the hands of your customers, which relies on the services of a dependable distributor. To ensure that your businesses’ products are stored and delivered safely, Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. offers customized warehouse solutions fit for any business operation.

Proper storage and delivery of your products involve following a strict supply chain that your chosen distributor must be equipped to manage throughout each phase of the distribution process. To determine a distributor company that best fits your business needs, it’s advised to select an experienced distributor that offers:

  • Careful approaches to storage, assembly, and delivery
  • Inventory management capabilities
  • Effective planning of delivery logistics
  • Clear, consistent communication throughout each step of the delivery process

At Lee Moving & Storage, Inc., our expert moving professionals offer distribution services that simplify the process of getting your products on the shelves at your chosen destination. From receiving your businesses’ goods to safely delivering them, our specialty moving services offer you an efficient, transparent approach to all things distribution.

Our distribution solutions begin with carefully receiving and storing your business’ items in our secure storage warehouses. When orders are placed by both manufacturers and customers, our specialized team handles the assembly process with diligent care to ensure that all orders are prepared timely without error. However, order assembly without proper maintenance of product supply can result in inadequate stock to meet customer demand.

Our inventory management services allow our distributors to maintain a system of rapid stock renewal that guarantees optimal delivery each time an order is placed. With convenient freight rates, Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. seamlessly manages packaging and delivery so that each customer receives your businesses’ products in their original, intended condition. For items that require more delicate handling due to their size, fragility, or value, our white glove delivery experts offer expert care throughout the entire process of order assembly, transportation, and on-site installation.


A distribution strategy ensures that the methods used to disseminate goods to end-users are consistent, timely, and effective. Implementing an efficient distribution strategy involves understanding the shopping habits of your ideal customer base. Important considerations when determining your businesses’ distribution strategy involve how the average customer buys goods, how you can simplify the purchasing process, and the role that your product will play in the consumer’s life.

Most distribution carriers implement a tracking system to monitor the status of your goods’ delivery and distribution services. At Lee Moving & Storage, Inc., our distribution solutions allow you to easily track your products and receive real-time updates when your products arrive at their intended destination.

Transporting perishable goods such as refrigerated food and drink items involves the usage of a proper carrier. At Lee Moving & Storage, Inc., our transportation vehicles are equipped with the technology to keep your perishable items within the appropriate temperature range.

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