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Relocating can present special challenges, especially with large objects or when stairs are present. Turn to Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. for help with every obstacle or challenge associated with both residential and office moves. Our specialty movers have the training and equipment needed to take care of every need.

Specialized Transport

Transporting belongings safely is an integral part of the moving process. We have all of the equipment necessary to ensure safe transport of your items. Appliance dollies, moving straps, and trained movers are integral parts of our service. Specialized transport also includes air-ride trucks equipped with pads, carpeted walls, and lift gates capable of hoisting up to 4,000 pounds.

Safe Moving

Stairs are no problem with our equipment. Stair-climbing dollies make short work of stairs, moving the heaviest objects from one floor to another. We own our equipment such as the stair crawler and rigging, ensuring that the tools needed for a safe move are always available for staff. Our stair crawler can move items up to 1,800 pounds without a problem.

Let our expert staff handle every aspect of your move. No detail is inconsequential, and we will make sure that your items arrive at their destination without issue. To find out about our availability and rates for specialty moves, call Lee Moving & Storage, Inc., today!