Go Green With an Eco-friendly Move

Sunday August 11, 2019

When moving into a new home, you may be concerned about the amount of waste accumulated in the process, your increased carbon footprint due to transportation to and from your new home, and other ways the move could adversely affect the Earth. Use these tips to improve the green quotient of your move and reduce your environmental impact.

Limit Packing Supplies and Boxes

Your move will create less waste if you reuse containers you already own rather than purchase new cardboard boxes—and you’ll save money by doing so. Plastic bins, shoe boxes, and other packaging containers can double as transportation vessels for your belongings. Check with friends and local businesses for spare boxes instead of buying new ones. If you plan to move a significant amount of fragile belongings, try to limit your use of excess packing materials. Although they are a great way to prevent damage, packing peanuts and bubble wrap can be difficult to recycle.

Donate or Recycle Unused Items

Downsizing and eliminating clutter before a big move doesn’t mean that your kids’ outgrown snow boots and your old college textbooks will have to end up in a landfill. Many charitable organizations accept unwanted household items, clothing, sports equipment, DVDs, and other donations in good condition. You may even be able to arrange a pickup at your house, and you can also claim a tax deduction if you donate to a qualifying organization, according to the IRS. If you’re unable to donate certain items, try to recycle them whenever possible. As a bonus, finding new homes for these items instead of packing and moving them reduces the weight of your load and amount of trips to and from your former home, which will decrease the amount of gas used by the moving truck.

Pack Your Kitchen Last

Take-out food, plastic utensils, and paper plates create tons of waste, not to mention a dent in your wallet. Instead of relying on pizza and Chinese food to get you through the last few days or weeks before the move, keep out the essential kitchen items to make a few simple meals and maintain parts of your normal routine during this transitional period.

Make One Big Trip

Driving back and forth with small loads in a car, van, or pickup truck might be cheaper than renting a moving vehicle, but the extra travel multiplies the environmental impact of your move. Instead, hire a reputable moving company that has the capacity to transport the full contents of your new home in just one trip.

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