Top Four Tips for Moving Cross-Country

Monday March 20, 2017

Client of Lee movers preparing for a cross country move

When it comes time to move across the country, it can be difficult to adequately plan for the many hurdles ahead, but doing the research, developing a strategy, and preparing for potential obstacles can be the best foundation for long distances movers. Here are the top four tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Select Timing Carefully

If it’s an option, it’s best to plan ahead for a move across the country with the knowledge that moving during summer is almost always more expensive. It seems to be a period when most people move, so the basic moving costs are higher as well as the rent prices in a new city. Evidence indicates that moving between October and May is far more favorable.

Purge ASAP

Most families and singles own far more material items than they realize and leaving packing until the last minute will only cause more stress. Especially in the case of downsizing, it’s crucial to start purging and planning as soon as the move gets set and before long distance movers show up. Donating items to charities for tax write-offs or selling lightly worn clothing to second-hand stores can have a positive impact on the bottom line and the community, all while reducing the number of boxes that need to be shipped and unpacked.

Create a To-Do List

Organization can become overwhelming when managing cancellations in one city and new contracts in others, in addition to many other miscellaneous tasks. From canceling cable, leases, and utilities to seeking a new apartment contracts, registrations, identifications, and more, the to-dos can soon pile up. There are ramifications for certain things that go forgotten, such as late fees or tickets. By using an efficient to-do list and synced calendar, the move will seem far more achievable.

Hire Movers

Long distance movers are an essential part of any cross-country move, especially when it comes to furniture and other bulky items. There are far more details to deal with than handling heavy items and logistics, so it’s best to find a reliable company with favorable prices.

With new prospects ahead and long distance movers to help, moving doesn’t have to be such a headache.