Safely Pack Your Electronics Without Damaging Them

Friday December 18, 2020

Whether you use them most frequently for work or leisure, most adults rely on technology to get through their day. From cooking to streaming TV shows to the friendly smart robots that graciously vacuum our dusty living rooms—making sure these devices are carefully packed away before moving to a new home prevents future unboxing disasters. Review these tips to help protect your valuable gadgets during the moving process.

Start the Process With Prep Work An All White Robot Floor Cleaner

Not everyone is an expert, and it may be tempting to just take your best shot at placing your Blu-ray player in the most appropriate-sized box and finding whatever cushion is available to stuff the gaps. Even if you’re in a rush to pack and move on, you should take care to take inventory of all the necessary components for each device and locate all user manuals. If you happen to lose any manuals or assembly instructions during the hustle and bustle of relocating, download them online from the manufacturer’s website and follow this full prep checklist for packing your devices:

  • Purchase packing tape, peanuts, and bubble wrap
  • Remove all batteries from devices and remotes to prevent overheating or leaking. Place batteries in a safe, dry place and keep them all together
  • Labeling: Create a system for cords and cables. Using colored tape to coordinate can help you make sure that you have everything needed for reinstallation

Protect Your Personal Media

You’ll likely keep your phone close, but for your larger devices like a laptop or desktop computer, you should back up all important data and information—especially for an office move that involves many employees’ devices and information to track and protect. While most businesses have fully embraced cloud storage, personal external drives are still commonly used by many to hold photos, music, and personal files.

Don’t Take These Shortcuts

Pack smart, period. A new adventure awaits you in your new house, apartment, or condo, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if your belongings don’t survive the journey to your new home. Here are a few “don’ts” to be aware of:

  • Don’t use newspaper to pack monitors or devices with screens. Use a towel or bubble wrap
  • Don’t pack/unpack everything at once. Focus on a single device at a time and gather all associated cables, cords, and accessories at once
  • Don’t leave anything plugged in for the sake of fast packing

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