New to New Orleans? Here Are Four Tips for Getting Around the City

Monday November 19, 2018

New residents have plenty of options when it comes to getting around New Orleans. From riding the city’s iconic trolley system and other forms of public transit to cycling on the bike paths, here’s what transplants should know about transporting themselves from point A to B.

Understanding the Grid

One of the New Orleans streetcars

Although New Orleans has a classic grid system that makes it relatively easy to navigate, the east-west streets curve with the Mississippi River. Local jargon uses “Uptown,” “Downtown,” “Lakeside,” and “Riverside” instead of cardinal directions.

Traveling by Car

According to data from U.S. News and World Report, 89 percent of city residents commute by car, which is higher than the national average. The average commuting time is less than in most other cities, at just under 26 minutes. Still, those who live close to work or who can easily access public transit can avoid the expense and hassle of owning a car in the city.

Cycling Around the City

With its relatively flat terrain and close-knit neighborhoods, New Orleans is a great place to live for those who want to explore on foot or two wheels. Many major roads now have bike lanes, which has increased the number of city residents who regularly cycle to work. Cyclists just need to be wary of potholes!

Public Transit

It’s more than just a tourist attraction: many locals use the St. Charles Avenue streetcar to head back and forth between uptown and downtown. The Riverfront streetcar spans the French Quarter. Hop on the Loyola line to travel from the Union Passenger Terminal, which has Amtrak and Greyhound stations, to the Canal Street line. The city also has an extensive bus system.

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