How to Plan for Efficient Residential Moving

Tuesday February 16, 2016

Moving boxes moved into a home with the help of Lee Moving & Storage in New Orleans, LA

Residential moving is something most of us will do perhaps once or twice in a lifetime, making the challenge of organizing and planning the move a bit intimidating. A full-service company will offer packing, which can greatly reduce the stress, but before your items can be packed, you’ll need to decide how many and which of your possessions will make the move to your new home.


The first step to preparing for your residential moving job is planning. Begin by deciding which rooms are your least-used and begin the process there. Most of the items stored in attic garages and other little-used spaces will be prime candidates for purging. By tackling the least-used rooms first, you reduce the stress of having your daily routine interrupted by the process. Leave the main areas of the house—the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms—for last.


As you sort through your items, try to imagine where you’ll store them in the new space, and consider whether you’ve used them in the last six months to a year. This process should help you decide whether you should sell, donate, toss, or pack each item. By beginning with the least-used rooms, you can start the purging process with items that have fewer emotional attachments and are therefore easier to let go. And by practicing purging items you’re less emotionally invested in, you prepare for the more difficult process of sorting and purging more personal belongings like knick-knacks and clothing.


The residential moving schedule can take from a few weeks to a few months to fully complete, depending upon your circumstances. Your pre-planning and purging process includes preparing those items you’ll be taking with you for packing. Our full-service moving company offers packing as part of the package, greatly reducing the stress and hard work that goes into the move. Once you’ve gone through the planning and purging processes, your items will be organized and ready for packing, and you’ll be ready for a fresh start in your new home!