How to Introduce Your Pets to Your New Home

Thursday May 16, 2019

Daschund crawling out of a moving boxResidential moves can be stressful for every member of your family, including your pets. Dogs, cats, and other household animals are used to their familiar territories and need some adjustment time when introduced to a new place. Here are a few ways to make your pets feel more comfortable in your new home.

Consistency Is Key

Being in a new environment doesn’t mean that your pets’ established schedule needs to radically change. Keep walks, bathroom breaks, meals, playtime, and other daily routines consistent with the old house’s schedule. Additionally, try to set up some of your pets’ usual items such as beds, scratching posts, and doggy doors as soon as possible upon settling in your new house so that they have places where they can feel at home.

Give Them Time and Space

After a residential move, it’s important to be patient with pets as they adjust to the new space. Give them plenty of time to roam around and explore, and open up the whole house to them so that they can sniff every corner and get their bearings. It’s also okay if they do a lot of hiding or following you around at first; they may just be feeling a little uneasy about investigating the new territory too quickly.

Make Sure They Have Their Favorite Items

Like people, animals often have a few favorite things that they interact with often and that give them comfort. Be sure to unpack your pets’ favorite toys, bowls, beds, cushions, and other items as soon as possible in the new house. Having their familiar favorites handy will help to ground them in your new home, and it will help them to feel less anxious.

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