Hiring Movers: Five Etiquette Tips for a Smooth Move

Monday December 31, 2018

Professional residential movers can be lifesavers. By taking over the majority of the physical labor, they allow you to focus on your phone calls, paperwork, meetings, and family to ensure every aspect of your move is completed in an efficient and timely manner. While they are certainly there to work for you, it is important to remember some basic etiquette when hiring movers.

Do the Basics Two people shaking hands

By helping out your movers before they arrive, you can reduce the cost by not including additional packing services. Make sure to pack up the contents of all furniture drawers before movers carry the furniture out. If the movers are also packing your things for you, you can save time for everyone by taking photos and art off the walls, unplugging appliances, and stripping down beds.

Be Considerate

If you’re doing the packing, make sure your movers stay safe by packing heavy objects alone or in small boxes. Save the big boxes for the lighter things. Make sure there is a clear path to the door and the moving truck to streamline the process. For everyone’s safety, keep small children and pets away from the moving activities.

Clearly Label Your Boxes

You don’t have to get personal, but movers should know how to handle your packed items. Note in large, bold letters if anything is fragile and which room it should be placed in at your new residence. This makes moving faster and easier for them and unpacking more convenient for you.

Keep Your Valuables and Personal Items With You

Movers should never be tasked with packing and carrying your personal documents, prescription medications, money, and other highly sensitive items. Keep those with you at all times.

Don’t Forget to Tip

Movers work for tips, too! Standard tipping procedure is 10-15 percent of the move, although you’re welcome to tip more if you’re especially pleased with their work. Consider factors such as the overall difficulty of the move and how long they worked when calculating the tip.

Our movers at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. treat each job with courtesy and professionalism. We always adhere to proper moving etiquette and provide both local and out-of-state services. Contact us today for a free quote at (504) 254-2950.