Don’t Move in Before Asking Your Landlord These Four Questions

Friday April 27, 2018

After signing a lease for a new apartment or rental home, the next step is to get all the details about the property before hiring a residential moving service. These are the four questions every new tenant should ask their landlord before moving day.

What Is the Move-in Date?

Move-in day is typically the start date of the lease, but it might be possible to get the keys a few days earlier if other tenants have already vacated. In a multi-unit building, check whether other tenants are also moving in the same day and confirm that parking for moving trucks is available nearby.

What Are the Rules About Parking?

If the building requires tenants to have a parking pass, request it from the landlord before moving day. Find out if there is a monthly fee for a designated parking spot. Learn the laws about street parking in the neighborhood to avoid getting a costly ticket.

What Preparations Will Be Done for the Unit?

Find out what the landlord plans to do to prepare the rental before moving day. In most cases, tenants should expect the unit to be professionally cleaned and painted if this was not already done before the apartment was shown. The landlord should also have the locks changed between tenants so that previous tenants can’t continue to access the apartment.

What Changes Can Be Made to the Unit?

Ask the landlord before painting or making other changes to the unit, especially if permission for doing so is not specified in the lease. Any major changes made to the interior could come out of the deposit. Some landlords will allow tenants to paint if they paint the walls back to the original color before the end of the lease.

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