A Winter Move-in has Surprising Benefits

Tuesday January 26, 2016

Residential moving tends to be most common during the spring and summer months, when the nice weather makes it easier to relocate. During the winter months, when the weather is cold and snowy, the process can be more difficult. However, buyers who are willing to brave the weather or hire a professional home-moving company can take advantage of benefits unique to the season.

A wintry forest representing the winter moving tips from Lee Moving & Storage in New Orleans, LA

Less Competition

The residential moving arena can be fiercely competitive during the warmer months. With the warm weather comes an influx of buyers that inflates home prices. On the other hand, very few families want to move during the winter months, when the cold, snow, and rain can impede amateur efforts. Savvy homebuyers can risk the weather, or better yet, leave the effort to a professional home-moving company, to take on the work.

Motivated Sellers

With fewer homes changing hands, sellers may become nervous. This anxiety could translate into higher motivation, which will drive down prices. Sellers may be more willing to negotiate on price, terms of the contract, and closing costs. It may even be possible to request additional clauses in the contract that would not ordinarily be a part of the sale.

More Attention From Your Realtor

Realtors often have more time to assist clients during the off season. With less residential moving taking place, professionals will be able to give their clients more time and attention. With more time to devote to each sale, Realtors can help home owners put a house under contract and take the time to negotiate a better sale price.

Professional Assistance

Hiring professionals is an effective way to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. At Lee Moving & Storage, we are ready to help customers move into their new homes during any season of the year. Get the expert attention and right equipment to make sure that your belongings get through the home-moving process in pristine condition. We also offer long-term storage.

Explore the appealing advantages of off-season residential moving this winter to get you settled into your new home. With this timing, you will be ready to enjoy your new home once the weather warms.