Which Countries Move the Most?

Friday November 4, 2016

A cartoon of a long distance move to represent the relocation services of Lee Moving & Services in New Orleans, LA

ince the dawn of civilization, humans have moved from one place to another in search of a better life. The quest for new experiences in new locations continues to this day. Of course, people today can benefit from hiring a movingcompany to help with this major life transition.

According to an article published by the Washington Post, the following countries are among themost mobile in terms of internal migration. This refers to moving from one city or area to another within the same nation. The article reports that approximately one in four adults has moved within each of these countries in the last five years.

New Zealand

With a mobility rate of 26%, New Zealand tops the list of countries where people move the most. Could it be that, with such beautiful scenery everywhere, New Zealanders want to experience everything this island nation has to offer? Such a high rate of internal migration means that a moving company would likely do well here.

United States

Not surprisingly, Americans like to move, too. About 24% of adults in the United States have moved from one place to another in the past five years. For some, it’s about searching for better schools for their kids, better jobs for themselves, a lower cost of living, or a higher quality of life. In addition, many young adults move to other cities or states to pursue higher education. Adults of all ages sometimes move due to job relocations.


In Finland, it’s also common for people to consult a moving company to relocate within the country. With a steady population of approximately five and a half million these past two decades, and an internal mobility rate of 23%, about 1.2 million Finnish people have moved to a new residence within recent years.


Maybe they’re just trying to stay warm, but another Scandinavian nation rounds out the list of countries where people move the most! A neighbor of Finland, Norway has a mobility rate of 22%. A startup moving company might want to set up office here!