When Moving to New Orleans, Consider These Four Neighborhoods

Wednesday March 29, 2017

The city of New Orleans, home of moving company Lee Moving & Services

Long before calling a moving company, it’s smart to start scoping out the hottest neighborhoods in your city of choice. Here are four of the best places to live in New Orleans.


Though this growing neighborhood is already the next big thing, with tons of new restaurants, retailers, and even a Whole Foods, there are still affordable rentals and homes to be found for singles and families alike. For those looking to settle down in NOLA, real estate experts note that this is likely the best place to get a long-term return on investment. Mid-City is also home to several New Orleans staples, such as Venezia, and has access to the streetcar, which makes it easy to get downtown.

French Quarter

Not only is this neighborhood considered classic New Orleans, but it’s also one of the most popular areas for renters. Though properties are pricey, it’s worth it for proximity to so much of what makes the city great, including restaurants, bars, and music venues. This is one of the best NOLA neighborhoods for walking and biking to get around town. Because of the cost and the nightlife, the French Quarter caters to young singles rather than families.

Lower Garden District

This area is a hit among young renters and buyers alike for its reasonable prices and access to classic neighborhood haunts, offering awesome eating and drinking just steps away. It’s also relatively easy to get downtown for those who work closer to the city and is just a walk away from Magazine’s dive bars and trendy shops. Due to the narrow door frames of many of the units, it’s best to call professional movers when moving to the LGD.


Those who want to be in the city but need a little space to stretch out should consider Carrollton, the favorite neighborhood for the family-minded in New Orleans. It’s close to everything, features tons of restaurants and retailers, and has an abundance of single-family homes for purchase or rent. Many units on Carrollton also feature gardens or yards making it a great place to raise children.

Moving can be challenging, but the right movers can make it easy. If you’ve found your New Orleans home in one of these four neighborhoods or beyond, get a free quote for moves of all sizes.