When Is the Best Time of Year to Move?

Wednesday September 16, 2020

Planning ahead can streamline your move and help you avoid unexpected challenges. As you prepare to relocate, you may wonder when it’s ideal to move. The answer depends on your situation, budget, and personal preferences. Keep these considerations in mind when determining the best time of year to make a big move.

Weather Conditions A family of four standing in front of a yellow house

For the most pleasant temperatures, stick to spring and fall. Rising temperatures in the summer, especially in the New Orleans area, can make moving from June through August a sweaty encounter. If you are relocating to or from a region with a cold, snowy winter, you may want to postpone a January move until after March.

Home Prices

Fall and winter are considered the off-season for real estate sales, so you may be able to stretch your budget and get more value for your money if you purchase a new property from late September through mid-March. Demand is highest in summer, so you will likely see higher home prices as well as limited inventory in some cities.

Associated costs of a move are also lower during the off-season. For example, you’ll likely pay less for storage and moving services during this time period than you would in spring and summer.

School Schedules

Many families who have children prefer to move during summer vacation. If you want to avoid disrupting your kids’ school schedule, try to move after the academic year ends. This also provides time for them to adjust to the new home before starting a new grade in a new town.

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