Tips for Transporting and Replanting a Garden

Friday October 12, 2018

Watering replanted garden after a residential move

As gardeners devote countless hours tending to their plants, they grow connected to these seedlings. It can be difficult to leave them behind when moving to a new home. But, as long as they aren’t moving too far, gardeners can transport their greenery to their new home’s yard with a little extra effort.

The Uprooting Process

It’s important to be extremely careful during the uprooting process, especially in the summer heat. Watering the soil keeps roots moist, making the process less shocking to plants. Gardeners should use a sharp shovel to dig a large ring around the plant, holding as much dirt as possible for the roots. Once uprooted, roots should be wrapped in a damp burlap sack and placed in a bucket.

Transporting the Plants

It’s nice to pack early, but plants should never be put on the moving truck immediately. The back of the truck can become extremely hot in the summer, so plants should not be left in there for a long time. They should be the last thing loaded and the first thing unloaded, to minimize stress. While being transported, plants should be secured in the truck to avoid sliding or falling.

Unpacking the Plants

Gardeners can begin digging holes for their plants when they arrive at their new home. These holes should be thoroughly saturated with water until they become muddy, a process called “puddling,” before plants are placed in the ground.

The Replanting Process

Any roots damaged during transportation should be cut away before replanting. Gardeners can place the plant in the hole, filling it only halfway with soil. After watering once again, the hole can be filled completely. Using their hands, gardeners should lightly press on the soil to firm it. Finally, the entire plant should be watered one more time. Plants lose a significant amount of water during the replanting process, so they need to drink more than most people expect.

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As long as you are moving locally, you won’t need to leave your beautiful garden behind. Although moving plants can be difficult, it’s possible under the right circumstances. Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. can help you make the stressful process of moving easier. Our residential movers  will handle your belongings with care to safely deliver them to your new home. Call Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. at (504) 254-2950 or request a free quote.