Tips for Downsizing and Moving as an Empty Nester

Sunday February 24, 2019

When parents are left at home after the kids have moved out, the old family home may suddenly feel too large and cluttered. Deciding to downsize and move to a smaller, more manageable house is a big step, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Before hiring residential movers and heading to a new place, here are a few tips for downsizing and moving as an empty nester.

Mental Preparation Is Key

An older couple sitting in their yard

The act of downsizing and moving to a smaller home is often difficult, and it can make empty nesters feel as though they are leaving treasured memories behind. It’s important to keep in mind that precious keepsakes don’t have to be abandoned and that downsizing will come with a number of benefits, including less upkeep and lower taxes and utility costs. Think of the move as the first step toward a simpler life.

Declutter One Room at a Time

When decluttering, trying to tackle the whole house at one time will quickly prove unmanageable and overwhelming. Instead, empty nesters should try going through each room one at a time with patience and care. Moving slowly will ensure that each decision to keep or get rid of something is made responsibly. No one wants to arrive in a new home feeling regretful.

Where Should the Excess Go?

Empty nesters who don’t want to put excess belongings into storage will need to find ways to get rid of items before hiring residential movers. If the items hold any sentimental or monetary value, they should first be offered to the kids or other family members for safekeeping. Otherwise, unwanted belongings can be sold online or in a garage sale, donated to a charity or thrift store, or simply thrown away or offered up for free.

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