Tips for Building an Inventory List for Your Move

Friday March 23, 2018

Whether moving across town, to another state or anywhere in the world, moving is serious business. Among the more significant aspects of residential and commercial moving is keeping track of what is being moved. Read on to learn more about preparing a comprehensive inventory list before moving.

The Significance

Two people carrying a moving box

One of the first things a moving inventory does is reveal any item loaded on the moving truck that is missing at the new destination. During unpacking, it also can identify an overlooked piece before it’s too late to be documented as missing. A residential or commercial inventory list also helps the moving company prepare a more specific estimate of final costs. This estimate enables customers to decide whether to arrange for more insurance coverage, either through the moving company or personal or business insurance policies.

Preparing a Moving Inventory

Describe, photograph, or do both for every item that will be transported. Also prepare a printed document with four columns—the item, its estimated value, current condition, and location in the residence or building. Make copies of birth and marriage certificates, wills, insurance policies, and other vital documents. Keep the originals and provide copies to those who should have them.

Record a Video

Tour the home or building with a video camera or iPhone, speaking into the microphone about the purchase date and cost of each item to be moved. A family member or business colleague could lead the tour, opening doors, drawers, and holding or pointing to each item on the inventory list. Not only does this approach show each item in its current condition, but a video capitalizes on today’s most prominent form of communication.

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