Three Tips for Successfully Moving Out of Your Parents’ House

Monday September 21, 2020

Leaving home for the first time is exciting, but it can also present overwhelming challenges if you haven’t lived independently before. There are important conversations to have, financial decisions to make, and belongings to be organized and packed. Having a detailed plan is the best way to avoid stress as you prepare to move out. Here are three tips for successfully moving out of your parents’ house.

Plan Your Budget Carefully A man moving black crates indoors

Even if you have a solid income, there are still several financial factors to consider as you plan your move. Will you be able to pay rent on your own, or will you need roommates? On top of rent, will you also be able to cover your car note, gas, food, phone bill, and other expenses? If money is a little tight, you may want to take some time to save up before making your move to ensure a more comfortable first few months on your own. If the timeline for your move can’t be adjusted, filter your new home search by price first and foremost.

Communicate With Your Family

While your decision to move out may be bittersweet for your family members, they are also likely to feel excited for you and willing to help. Reach out to them for anything you may need, whether it’s assistance with packing up your belongings, advice on living on your own, or even financial help to make your transition easier. If your new place isn’t very far away, your family can still be a source of support and advice even after you’ve left home.

Assess and Organize Your Belongings

Although you’ll probably need to buy a few things for your new place, some of your current belongings will also be moving with you. As early as you can in your planning process, start assessing all of your possessions, organizing them, and deciding which items will go with you, which ones will stay, and which ones can be sold, donated, or thrown out. Also, if you’re planning to leave a few things at home, make sure that it’s all right with your parents and other family members.

Moving out of your parents’ house can feel intimidating, but being prepared can make the process easier and more exciting. Our team at Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. assists individuals and families with long- and short-distance residential moves, as well as corporate moves and New Orleans-area storage services. Request a free moving quote today, or call us at (504) 254-2950 to learn more about our services.