Six Must-Have Accessories for a Stress-Free Moving Day

Monday August 7, 2017

A couple unpacking their boxes after help from moving company Lee Moving & Services in New Orleans, LA

For many people, moving day brings a mix of excitement and apprehension. They may look forward to settling in to their new home or apartment, but dread the tedious process of packing up and transporting all of their belongings to their new dwelling. Moving day doesn’t have to be stressful, however. These six packing and moving accessories can simplify the whole process.

1. The Right Boxes

While some may be tempted to grab some used boxes from behind the local liquor or grocery store, these tend to be worn out and dilapidated. Sturdy, new boxes are relatively inexpensive, and therefore are less likely to come apart at the seams. This makes them better for stacking in a moving truck or keeping in storage while you move. An assortment of small and medium boxes, plus a few large boxes for lighter items, like pillows, comforters, and other linens, is a good idea. Unused boxes can usually be returned at the store where they were purchased.

2. Tape Gun

Using a tape gun helps prevent tape tears when quickly sealing up boxes. They also make it much easier to locate the edge of the tape.

3. Packing Paper

Wrapping fragile and breakable items in packing paper or newspaper before placing them in moving boxes protects these items from scratches and dents. It’s also a good idea to stick crumpled up packing paper in any empty nooks and crannies of the moving boxes to prevent shifting during transport.

4. Plastic Baggies

After disassembling furniture, shelving, or curtain rods, place all of the screws, brackets, curtain hooks, and other hardware in plastic baggies to ensure they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Use a strip of packing tape to attach each baggie to the furniture piece or box they belong to.

5. Sharpies

A large-tip sharpie makes it easy to clearly label each moving box. This allows your moving company to place each box in the appropriate room or section of the new house.

6. Box Knife

Unpacking boxes in the new home or apartment goes more smoothly with a box knife. People can save time, effort, and their fingertips opening their moving boxes with a sharp box cutter.

Individuals with a move on the horizon should take the stress out of the equation by being prepared, and requesting a quote from our movers. Having the right tools on hand will make moving day a breeze.