Moving Insurance: Is It Necessary?

Friday June 2, 2017

Couple moving into new home in New Orleans, LAMoving homes can be a stressful experience for people. Many are understandably nervous seeing all of their belongings packed up into a truck, but there’s hardly a need to worry. Experienced residential movers pull off hundreds of moves every year without a hitch. Trusting a reputable moving company will go a long way towards assuaging most fears. Still, accidents happen and even the most skilled movers occasionally see items damaged. This is where moving insurance can provide additional protection.

Pros of Purchasing Moving Insurance

Though highly unlikely, it is possible that items could be damaged in transit. Purchasing moving insurance will protect against that possibility. More importantly, moving insurance buys peace of mind for the customer, which can be invaluable amid the hectic array of tasks that come with relocation. Moving insurance policies can cover the full replacement cost of damaged items. Of course, it’s not only damage during the handling of items; insurance can also cover break-ins or truck accidents that might occur during transit. For homeowners concerned about high-value items or specialized transport for large or heavy pieces, it may be advisable to purchase policies that specifically cover individual items. Most moving companies offer different levels of protection so customers can find the right option.

Other Moving Precautions

Even in international or cross-country moves, professional movers take great precautions to protect the valuables of others. Items are tagged and cataloged then checked off at the receiving end so that every piece is accounted for. Fragile items are placed in corrugated cardboard and padded with newsprint paper or wrapped in heavy blankets. With so much care, many people find that the cost of purchasing moving insurance is an unnecessary expense. Moving homes is already a big proposition, and extra protection may not fit into a budget.

The decision to purchase moving insurance is up to each customer. While the vast majority will never need it, many customers understandably feel better knowing their belongings are protected.