Mover’s Tips for Moving Fragile Possessions

Saturday July 9, 2016

Moving boxes to represent the packing and moving advice of Lee Moving & Services in New Orleans, LA

Whether it’s across the globe or around the block, a move can be a stressful experience. However, it doesn’t have to be. With a little care and the help of a professional moving company, homeowners, renters, and businesses can take the worry out of the whole experience.

Wrap It

First, it’s important to wrap fragile items like dishes or glass picture frames. Bubble wrap is very effective, but a good moving company can do just as well with a less expensive wrapping like newspapers. If newspapers are being used, it helps to wad them up into balls or tubes. Do not worry about using too much paper; there’s no such thing. The more paper that is packed in the empty spaces between the items, the safer the items will be. Put a layer of wadded paper, bubble wrap, or even extra dish towels, at the bottom of the box. For cups and glasses, stuff them with paper to hold them steady.

Stack It

Inside the box, the items should be built from the bottom up, going from the sturdiest pieces to the most delicate at the top. Ceramic plates and mugs work as material at the base while wine glasses belong at the top. Plates and bowls can be placed one on top of the other, with layers of wrap or paper separating each one. A professional moving company might use cardboard cell dividers for extra security with cups, and cardboard flats in between levels for extra security.

Pack It

A professional moving company knows to go with a specific type of box for kitchen items and large paintings. Framed items should be placed in mirror boxes with padding between the glass surface and wads of paper around the edges. These should be packed for transport vertically, not stacked flat. Dishes go in dish packs, moving boxes with reinforced cardboard that can be stacked.
Caring for each piece and building from the base up will ensure a stable frame that holds fragile items. Lee Moving and Storage has the professional know-how to make moving fragile items a breeze. Get a quote today.