Make Your Move Easier With Secure Storage In-transit

Thursday May 10, 2018

There are a lot of things to consider when moving, such as how to transfer belongings and when to have them delivered to the new home. Sometimes people need extra time before having their items delivered, and for this reason, many moving companies offer storage in-transit.

What Is Storage In-Transit?

A man with a clipboard next to a moving truck

Storage in-transit is a short-term storage service that moving companies offer to cover gaps between leaving one home and getting to the next. Instead of being dropped off at the new home, the owner’s belongings are held at the company’s warehouse for up to a few months. Once the owner is ready, the movers will drop off their belongings.

When the belongings arrive at the storage warehouse, they’re placed in secure containers, with all household items still packed in their original moving cartons. Furniture is protected from dust and dirt using furniture racks and stretch wrap. When the owner is ready to have their belongings dropped off, the moving team will carefully load them up and bring them to the owner.

Who Needs Storage In-Transit?

While long-term storage service works well for some people, storage in-transit is ideal for those who need short-term storage. It’s a great option when closing dates are moved up or delayed, or for people who haven’t yet picked out housing in their new city. Storage in-transit is ideal for families who use a moving company because their items are already packed and in possession of the company, making the move easier and more convenient.

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