Make Organizing an Office Move Simple with Professional Movers

Tuesday January 26, 2016

When planning an office move, hiring commercial movers is essential to making the whole process go smoothly. Preparation and planning, as well as coordinating your staff and keeping them well informed, will help make the transition to new or larger spaces an exciting prospect, rather than a dreaded challenge.

A graphic of a checklist representing the things you need to do before moving according to Lee Moving & Storage in New Orleans, LA

Preplanning is Key

Businesses move to new offices for a variety of reasons. Rent may have increased at the current location, or a newer, more modern space may have become available. A growing business may need space to expand. The new location may be more strategically located. Whatever the reason, preparing for the office move in advance is essential. When the commercial movers show up, you won’t want your employees dashing about gathering files, or searching for boxes for last-minute items.

Involve Your Employees in the Move

First, engage your employees in the move. As much as is possible and practical, have them prepare their own offices for moving. Not only does utilizing employees to gather and pack their own files and other small items save on labor, but it also helps make the unpacking and settling in process a much easier transition. Of course, furniture and other large items must be left to the commercial movers, but files, personal items, and office supplies can be packed in sturdy boxes for the transition to the new office.

Know Where to Find What You Need

A standardized labeling system is a helpful way to ensure that everyone’s files end up in their new locations. If possible, plan the new office layout ahead of time, assigning office spaces to individuals and handing out a floor plan, or at least a description of the new space, so that employees can plan the layouts of their new space.

When the time comes for the actual move, be sure to hire a company like Lee Moving, with plenty of experience in commercial moves, and a good rating with the BBB. Be sure to discuss special needs ahead of time, so that specialty equipment, like stair climbers or safe movers, can be made available. A growing business needs to move to new spaces as quickly and efficiently as possible. Lee Moving & Storage can help.