How to Safely Move Office Equipment

Monday April 1, 2019

As companies grow, sometimes their existing offices no longer fit their needs. But moving into a new building is stressful, considering all of the desks, computers, furniture, files, and office equipment that need to be moved. These tips can help make moving day a breeze.

Find a Reputable Moving Company Desks in an open concept office

It might be tempting to ask employees to move items themselves to save a few bucks, but it’s not a good idea. They can injure themselves carrying heavy furniture, and equipment can become damaged or destroyed. These unexpected costs can add up to be drastically more than the cost of a corporate moving company. Professional movers are trained to optimally pack, load, transport, and unload items in minimal time. They can also handle specialized moves involving extremely heavy items, stairs, and other special considerations. However, even with professional help, companies still need to take a few steps to ensure a quick and painless move.

Make Arrangements With Vendors of Leased Equipment

If an office rents any of its professional equipment, such as its copiers, the vendors of that equipment often require that it be moved by their team. Well in advance, vendors of any leased equipment should be contacted to arrange transport to the new building. Some components—such as toner—may need to be removed by the vendor as well.

Preparing Office Equipment

All computers, printers, and other equipment should be disconnected ahead of time. Everything should be unplugged and placed on work surfaces for easy transport. All cables, keyboards, power cords, and other small items should be gathered and labeled according to the moving company’s instructions. The movers will then pack the remaining equipment, like computers, printers, and copiers, with professional-grade supplies to ensure safety during transport.

Prepare the New Building

The new office should be optimized to drop off the furniture, equipment, and supplies. This means knowing where each item will go in advance. It also means having cables, power strips, and other necessary accessories in place when items are delivered. This pre-planning helps to avoid chaos and stress on moving day.

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