How to Organize a Shotgun Apartment

Wednesday December 6, 2017

Shotgun apartments are long and narrow, usually with each room connecting to the next in a straight line. They are popular in New Orleans and throughout the South, but they can also be found in bigger cities like New York and Chicago. Although these apartments take a little work to style, with careful planning, they can feel like home in no time.

Focus on Furniture Layout

The most important aspect of organizing a shotgun apartment is to focus on the furniture layout. Bulky, oversized furniture often takes up too much space, but modern, sleek styles can help maximize the available space. Since people will have to walk through rooms regularly, pathways should be kept as free as possible.

Create Separate Spaces

Rugs, folding screens, and paint colors can help define spaces within different rooms. This is especially useful for rooms that will serve more than one function, such as a bedroom that has a sitting area or a living room that doubles as a study.

Make Use of Natural Light

Since each room opens into the next, there is plenty of potential for natural light. Keep all of the doors open whenever it’s practical, and choose light, airy curtains to let as much light in as possible. This will make the apartment feel spacious and comfortable.

Hire a Moving and Storage Company

Hiring movers to help transport boxes can free the renter to focus on the home’s organization during the move-in time. And since space is at a premium in a shotgun apartment, it’s often a good idea to keep a storage unit for seasonal items or family keepsakes that don’t have a functional purpose. If you live in New Orleans and you’re moving into a shotgun apartment, choose Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. today. We are a top moving and storage company in the area, and we specialize in home moving, specialized transport, storage, and more. To receive a free quote, call us at (504) 254-2950 or contact us online.