How to Keep Your Valuables Safe During a Move

Thursday June 3, 2021

When preparing to move, your to-do list probably feels endless. When it’s time to organize and pack your more valuable items, follow these tips to help make this “to-do” a little easier.

Make a List of All Valuables, Including Documents

Keep inventory of every valuable item and important document that you’re moving to your new home. Use this as a checklist when unpacking to make sure everything is accounted for. Instead of packing documents like birth certificates, medical and tax records, passports, and other personal information in general moving boxes, keep them with you. For extra precaution, scan all documents and create a digital backup system.Fine China

Mark All Fragile Boxes

Make sure to clearly mark boxes containing delicate items as “fragile” to let your moving company know that these boxes need to be handled carefully. If you’re doing the packing, protect your fragile items with foam padding or bubble wrap to help keep them safe. Avoid using newspaper as wrapping. Although it’s unlikely, the ink may bleed onto your items.

Use Common Household Items for Extra Protection

Besides packing paper and bubble wrap, you can also use everyday items to help protect your valuable items. Placing a foam plate between your fancy dinner plates can keep them from clanking together to help prevent cracks or breakage. When packing glasses, mugs, vases, and other delicate items, you can also use t-shirts and towels to cushion the spaces between them.

Consider Moving Insurance

For extra peace of mind and protection, you can purchase moving insurance—also known as valuation—from your moving company. While this isn’t the same as an insurance policy from your insurance company, this coverage can help protect your items if they’re lost, damaged, or stolen during your move.

If you do decide to get moving insurance, there are generally three coverage types:

  • Separate liability coverage
  • Full value protection
  • Released value protection

A professional moving company can help make sure each item arrives safely at your destination. Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. is dedicated to keeping your belongings safe, as well as packing and transporting everything carefully. Our experienced, New Orleans-based team can assist with local and long-distance moves through our partnership with Atlas Van Lines. Get an instant quote today.