How to Affordably Patch Your Walls Before Moving Out

Monday April 12, 2021

If you’re planning to receive your security deposit, getting your apartment back to its original condition before you move is crucial. In terms of wear and tear, one of the most common issues that renters face is having to repair minor holes in the walls. If you have small marks on your walls from nails or tacks, don’t stress: with a little elbow grease, you can fix these issues fast and with little cost. Here are the steps you should take to patch up your walls before moving out.

Collect Your Tools Multiple picture frames leaning against a wall

Spackling holes in the wall may seem like a simple enough task, but the common trick of using toothpaste as your main adhesive may not give you reliable results. The first step is to head to your local hardware store to find the right tools for the job. For small holes, your shopping list will include a tub of spackling paste, a putty knife, sandpaper, and paint that matches the original color of your wall.

Fixing Small Holes

After taking down your hanging wall decor, you’ll probably notice the small holes left by nails, tacks, and screws. Start by sanding down the hole or dent and wiping away any dust residue to get a smooth working surface. Once you’ve finished, scoop a bit of spackling paste onto the edge of your putty knife and spread it evenly across the hole. When the paste dries, paint over it with the matching color to leave your wall looking brand new.

Repairing Larger Damage

To repair more extensive holes and scrapes, you’ll need a few more supplies, but the task should still be manageable. Get your hands on a mesh or drywall repair patch that covers the entire hole, as you’ll need to use this along with the spackling paste. After sanding down the hole, you should fit the patch over it and cover the area with spackling paste. Once it’s dry, you can further sand down the edges and paint over the area to properly blend your repair into the wall.

Once you’ve taken the time to repair your walls, make sure to protect them from any unexpected damage that might result from a hectic move! Hiring a professional moving company to safely transport your belongings will save you the worry of finding last-minute damage to your walls. Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. has provided reliable service for clients moving within the New Orleans area and across state lines. If you’re looking for a team of pros, request a quote from us today.