Four Things to Know About Life in New Orleans

Wednesday October 25, 2017

A king cake with beads and a baby from New Orleans, LANo matter where someone is from, hiring professional moving services for a move to New Orleans is going to be a serious change. New Orleans has a unique culture that’s unlike anywhere else, and the only way to really understand it is to live it. Here are some things to know before making the jump!

One-of-a-Kind Weather

Researching the housing market and using professional moving services can help prepare for a move, but it’s impossible to prepare for the weather! New Orleans’ weather is sporadic and ever-changing. Summer brings constant thunderstorms and even occasional hurricanes, and winters can dip into the 30s and 40s. But if there’s one thing consistent about the weather, it’s the humidity—get ready for year-round thick, humid air.

Buy Bigger Pants!

New Orleans is known for jazz, Mardi Gras, and food! Whether moving for work or personal reasons, food will undoubtedly be part of the experience. Cajun and Creole dishes are rich and feature seafood, French and Spanish inspiration, and a lot of heat. When moving to New Orleans, it’s easy to be tempted to try a bit of everything, and you don’t know the city until you get to know the food. If that wasn’t enough, alcohol laws are notoriously lax, and signature drinks are available around the clock.

Neighborhoods Are Everything

Even though New Orleans is somewhat small geographically, it has more character than can be lumped together. Because of its myriad influences such as French, Spanish, and African, different areas of the city bring unique cultures. From the historic French Quarter to the strongly Creole Treme to the trendy Mid-City, each neighborhood brings its own unique piece of the puzzle.

There’s Always a Reason to Celebrate

Everyone knows about Mardi Gras, the most lively and vibrant celebration in the city. But the truth is, there are celebrations all year. New Orleans continually has unique festivals, musical events, concerts, and heritage celebrations, so it’s rare to have to struggle to find something to do on the weekend.

It’s good to know what to expect, but you never really know the city until you’ve experienced it for yourself! If you’re planning to relocate to the Crescent City, contact Lee Moving & Storage, Inc.for a quote on professional moving services.