Four Signs It’s Time to Move to a Bigger Home

Wednesday April 24, 2019

Many families purchase a small starter home with the intention of eventually trading up to a more spacious abode. But when is it time to make the move to a larger living space? These are the four main signs that it’s time to seek additional square footage.

Welcoming a New Family Member The outside of a residential home

Whether a significant other is moving in or parents are welcoming a new baby, adding more people usually signals the need for more space. Finding a larger home ensures that everyone has room to store their belongings, spread out, and enjoy life. Even the addition of pets might make that starter home seem too small.

Needing Space for a Hobby

Some creative pursuits take up lots of space. If a family member is deeply involved in photography, carpentry, collecting arcade games, or another hobby that requires equipment and storage room, it might be time to find that large garage or basement.

Feeling Cluttered

When a home is too small, storage space is at a premium. When rooms begin feeling cluttered with belongings and furniture that just don’t have a designated place, even after a serious decluttering, a larger home could be a welcome reprieve from feeling closed in by the mess.

Requiring Room to Entertain

Often, the holiday hosting duties shift to the younger generation as parents age. In addition, as children grow up, they need space to hang out with friends. When a family feels like they don’t have space for the guests they want to entertain, it’s time to trade up.

No matter why a family decides to make the move to a larger property, the assistance of a professional residential mover can remove the stress from the process. If you’re planning a move in the New Orleans area, get in touch with Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. or call (504) 254-2950 for a free moving quote.