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Turning over the heavy lifting of a move has a number of benefits. However, it may be worth the expense to allow professional movers to take charge of this project. Hiring a team eliminates a lot of the physical work, as well as the anxiety that often accompanies this task.

Factors Influencing the Costs

The price for hiring a team of workers to assist with a move depends on several factors.

- Distance (more miles costs more)

- Size and difficulty of the move

- Weight of items

- Time of the year (summer moves are more expensive)

- Size of work team (a larger team costs more)

- Gas prices

A local move will cost less for professional movers than one that crosses state lines. Similarly, a move that involves few heavy pieces will cost less than one with sizable weight.

Common Formulas

Moving companies use a standard rubric to estimate costs for both local and long-distance moves. For a local move, the formula includes multiplying a base hourly rate by the number of workers on the team. This total is then multiplied by the number of hours spent loading, driving, and unloading. Additional fees include costs of gas, tolls, and packing materials and services.

The rubric for long-distance moves involves multiplying the weight of the shipment by a rate for distance and weight. This total may increase with the addition of packing materials and services, a shuttle fee, and any insurance protection added to the service.

Requesting an Estimate

Consumers can request an estimate from professional movers to get an idea of costs involved with hiring a crew. Companies are often willing to provide a binding estimate for long-distance moves to hold a price and guarantee that the total cost will not exceed the estimated amount.

With an idea about pricing, it's possible to move forward with moving plans to relocate a family or business.

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Tips for Moving Your Child to an Out-of-State College

Everything your child has accumulated over the past 18 years doesn't have to tag along with them to college out of state, but chances are your recent grad plans to stuff plenty of clothes, electronics, and various trinkets into that tiny dorm room. Keep these three tips in mind as you help prepare your recent high school grad for the next adventure.

Pack the Essentials A female presenting a college student carrying books

If your child is planning to come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas, pack only the clothes he or she will need for the first few months at school. This especially applies to bulky items like coats and winter boots, unless your child has chosen a college in the northern region of the country. Limit dishware, oversized room decor, and other items that will quickly clutter a small dorm room. However, your child is probably just as nervous as you are about the move; pack a memento or two that will bring comfort when homesickness settles in. You should also consider renting a storage unit if your child is traveling more than a few states away.

Buy When You Arrive

Avoid shopping for groceries, toiletries, and bedding beforehand; your family will have fun exploring the new town as you make a trip to grab the essentials for the first few weeks once you arrive. If your child has a roommate, this is also a money-saving opportunity—they can buy in bulk for shared items like toilet paper.

Do Your Research

Most colleges will provide a list of items that freshmen should bring to campus, as well as those they should leave at home. Pay attention to these guidelines while packing for the move. Find out how large your child's dorm room will be and whether it has fixtures like lamps, shades, nightstands, and storage space. If storage is limited (as it likely will be), you may be able to bunk the beds or purchase risers to make the best use of square footage.

Whether you're moving your soon-to-be freshman to a great New Orleans university like Tulane or he or she is leaving the Big Easy for a school outside of Louisiana, Lee Moving & Storage, Inc. can help you prepare for the transition. Enjoy the summer as a family without the stress when you take advantage of our moving services. Call (504) 254-2950 or request your free quote online today.

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