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Moving is an exciting, yet sometimes stressful time for all family members. From selecting the right residential mover to organizing the logistics of travel, it's easy to forget about furry friends, and how they'll feel during the move. Whether it's just across town or across the country, families should follow these key steps to ensure their loved ones are safe as well as their pets.

Before the Move

The most important step when protecting pets is making sure that their identification is up-to-date and secure. It's crucial to update all pet I.D. tags with current phone numbers and addresses and opting for a microchip as backup protection. Preparing for the worst is often the best way to protect oneself from an unwanted situation.

Pets aren't that different than people when it comes to motion sickness or irritability during travel. If pet owners suspect their dog will experience nausea or vomiting, they should visit a local vet before departure to get all of the proper medication.

In the case of overnight trips, plotting out the safest, pet-friendly hotels along the route will prevent any headaches when a hotel turns away a pet. Various online tools can help locate hotels along the route that allows pets.

During the Move

Oftentimes families will need to let various service representatives in their home during the move, such as a residential mover, to pack up boxes and load up the moving truck. Animals may get frightened by something changing in their environment or strangers coming into their home, so it's best to install an extra layer of protection during planning, such as a crate or baby gate to keep them safe.

New moves and surroundings can often make the most obedient dogs a bit frantic and more at risk running away. While transporting pets, make sure all small animals are secure in a well-ventilated crate or cage, while larger pets are leashed and secure at all times. When stopping for frequent potty and water breaks, always make sure pets are properly leashed and under control. This will keep all family members, including furry friends, safe.

When checking things off the moving list, from a residential mover to hotel stays, families must make sure to cater to pets to keep them content on the road and well-adjusted in their new home.



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