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Four Steps to Choosing the Right Moving Company

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Moving is a stressful time for anyone. It is a lot of work to pack, load, unload, and unpack belongings. Hiring a moving company can take away some of the stress. Tips on how to choose the right company for the move can make the process go smoothly.

Decide What Type of Service You Need

Some buyers want someone to simply come and move their things. Others want someone to pack their items and then move them. The level of service the consumer expects from their movers affects the overall cost of the service. Also, not every company offers full-service options.

Get Recommendations

When planning a residential move, consumers need to talk to family and friends who recently hired a moving company. Finding out whom they used and how their experience was can help buyers narrow their search. Consumers should not assume that big-name businesses are the only way to go. Sometimes smaller companies offer more personalized services.

Screen Options

Before placing the first phone call, buyers should do additional research on the movers. By going online and doing a quick check, consumers can find out if the company belongs to any moving associations and their standing with the Better Business Bureau. Consumer-advocacy sites dedicated to exposing companies with poor business practices is also a good place to look.

Schedule an In-home Estimate

Before calling to schedule a move with a company, get some in-home estimates. Buyers should show the representatives everything, indicating what is going to go to the new residence and what is not moving. It is important to have them see every closet and cupboard space where movable items are located to get an accurate quote. Consumers should also speak to the representative at length to find out what conditions or fees may not be listed on the quote.

Review each quote carefully. They should include the cost of labor, the number of movers working on the job, and what equipment the moving company provides.

Once all this information is reviewed, consumers can pick the best company for them and make the appointment to move.



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