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Moving Your Office: “Think Harmony”

Are you intending to move your business? It’s often a normal part of growing or managing an enterprise. You may be expanding or downsizing, or possibly needing to be more strategically located for the markets you serve. Whether you’re moving one office or an entire corporate campus, Lee Moving and Storage ensures your move is well planned and carried out. We follow a process that considers the orderly flow of every task to help your business stay humming in harmony — without skipping a beat.

An office in a box representing moving your office with Lee Moving & Storage in New Orleans, LADepending on the size of your office move, you may wish to form a move committee, drawing volunteers from each of the departments or areas affected in the move. For a smaller move, a committee of one may be sufficient. In any case, you’ll need someone in your organization to serve as the point of contact with our office moving team. Your designee plays a key role in communicating the needs of the organization to our team, and in turn relaying our input and advice for the greatest efficiency.

With the right people in place, you’re ready to start formulating the plan. What is your anticipated time frame? Is it practical? Feasible? What are the options? We’ll work through all the variables and come back to you with a detailed schedule of tasks and responsibilities.  Your team will have an opportunity for comment before we finalize the plan. Depending on the size of your move, you may need three to six months or more just for preparation. Once the plan has been approved, the schedule becomes an essential yardstick of progress. We monitor it closely to keep everything on track.

We’ll need to know as much as we can about the space you are moving into. Where are the electrical outlets? Storage areas? Windows and doors? If blueprints are not available, get an accurate sketch of the floor plan to show where items are to be placed. This is a good opportunity to compare your old and new offices. How might you position furnishings and equipment to enhance productivity and work flow? Is there a need for physical modifications—the addition or removal of walls, for instance, or cosmetic renovations such as wall and floor treatments? Now is the time to make them, before the move-in.

The cooperation of employees will help things go smoothly. Your committee members can help, setting an example for preparedness, showing a positive attitude about the move, and encouraging others to take responsibility for packing their own things when the time comes. Committee members should stay open to comments and suggestions by employees, and be ready to answer their questions and ease their apprehension. People have a tendency to fear change, but honest, clear, positive communication can go a long way to creating the esprit de corps that will make moving pleasant for all. (Or, at the least, not dreadful.)

If you see an office move in the near future of your business, contact Lee Moving today!



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